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Learning yoga can prove to be quite challenging because not everyone knows how to perform and teach it properly. Yoga has many benefits, but acquiring them can be quite challenging. To help you in this matter we recommend you the best yoga school in Rishikesh there is – Samadhi Yoga Ashram. 

We all know that Rishikesh is the best place to practice, both because of its history with this practice and the environment you will find in Rishikesh. After much research, we came to the conclusion that the samadhi yoga ashram provides a balanced experience of authentic yoga and all that Rishikesh has to offer.

Samadhi yoga ashram

This yoga school in Rishikesh can be found in the lap of the Himalayas surrounded by greenery and pure nature. Teaching yoga for at least a decade, this school has changed the lives of thousands of students by helping them fulfill their dreams to become professional yoga teachers. Besides the teacher training programs, you will find many other yoga retreats and drop-in classes at the samadhi yoga ashram. Let’s read about all of them in detail below. 

Yoga teacher training courses

This yoga school in Rishikesh is famous for its yoga teacher training courses which are available in both online and offline mode. You will find a variety of classes here ranging according to different styles of yoga and the duration they take place. At samadhi yoga ashram you will find a 100 hour yoga teacher training course, 200 hour yoga teacher training course, 300 hour yoga teacher training course, and 500 hour yoga teacher training course. 

These courses can be found in multi-style holistic yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Ayurveda yoga. You will also find other training courses at this yoga school in Rishikesh in yin Yoga, children’s yoga, prenatal yoga, and reiki training. They also have a combo of children’s yoga and prenatal yoga teacher training courses. So we can say that at samadhi yoga ashram you will find a course for everyone be it a kid, an adult, or a pregnant woman. 

Yoga Retreats

And if you are not interested in enrolling in any of the above-mentioned yoga teacher training courses then you can also certainly find yoga retreats at this yoga school in Rishikesh. These retreats are for a few days but they can help in the rejuvenation of your body and give you a taste of pure yogic life. Some of the retreats you can participate in at samadhi yoga ashram are: 

  • 4 days yoga and meditation retreat
  • 6 days yoga and meditation retreat
  • 7 days basic Ayurveda course
  • Kundalini retreat

These retreats are a great way to spend your vacation and have a break from your daily stressful life. After you participate in any of these retreats you will feel at peace and much more relaxed. The best thing about these retreats is everyone can participate in them be they a student, an adult, or even an elderly. Yoga is performed here at a slow pace while focusing on the healing of the body. 

Drop in classes

Dropping classes are a great way to get a glimpse of the yoga world. These classes take place for around an hour by teaching you about different styles of yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and other relaxing techniques like sound headlining, music therapy, reiki and so much more. These classes take place from Monday to Saturday at different time slots for as low as 350 INR. So whenever you are visiting Rishikesh you can book any one of the classes you are interested in and get the taste of some authentic yoga. 

Benefits of joining samadhi yoga ashram    

Joining the samadhi yoga ashram to fulfill your journey of self-discovery can prove to be very beneficial for you. All those who have completed their courses or participated in their yoga retreats have claimed that this yoga school in Rishikesh has helped them transform their lives in a much more positive way. Some of the reasons for you to choose somebody yoga ashram are: 

  • The first and foremost reason for you to choose this yoga school in Rishikesh is its location. It is located in the lap of mother Ganga surrounded by the jungles of the Himalayas giving the best natural Vibe to practice yoga.
  • Another reason you should choose this yoga school in Rishikesh is its teachers. All the yoga teachers and yoga gurus at samadhi yoga ashram are under the guidance of yogi Vishnu who has a long heritage dating back to Rishi Patanjali. 
  • The courses of the samadhi yoga ashram are also very diverse and you have the option to customize them as per your own needs. You will find a course for everyone here. 

Bottom line 

To summarize, we can say that if you are looking for a yoga school in Rishikesh that offers authentic yoga education then samadhi yoga ashram is the place.

The benefits of practicing yoga are endless and practicing it at such a beautiful location can be life-changing. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the discounts at this yoga school in Rishikesh by booking your slots as soon as possible. 

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Stay healthy and safe