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Get The Rudraaksh Mala For Spiritual Benefits Today

You can get the best Rudraaksh mala for your spiritual pursuits today. It is made from the ever so powerful rudraksha beads. There are many different kinds of rudraksha that are available around us. You can segregate rudraksha, according to the number of faces they have. You can lay your hands on rudraksha from one mukhi to twenty-one mukhi. The most common ones that you will see around you are five mukhi rudraksha. These are powerful beads, which will take your meditative practices to another level altogether. The beads have natural healing powers as well.

You may also consider the beads as one of the sacred tools of the gods. They are quite powerful in manifesting self-realization as well. They are believed to be the tears of Lord Shiva. Moreover, they have been in use for a long time for self-empowerment. These are actually, very rare and precious seeds, that people use for chanting and other meditative practices. You should know how to use the mala for the right benefits.

How To Use The Rudraaksh Mala?

·         You can use the rudraaksh mala, by holding it in your right hand. Then, you have to move your thumb, ring, and middle fingers over the beads one by one. There is one main Guru bead, from which you have to start the counting.

·         You can repeat the mantra, ‘Om Namah Shivaay’ and move one bead, and again repeat the process, till you have chanted 108 times, over each bead.

·         You can complete the mantra recitation, thereafter, concluding with the Guru bead.

·         You can also recite other mantras, in which case, you can again start counting in reverse order.

This is the simplest way to use the mala. The diameter of the sun is 108 times that of the earth. That is the reason, why, you have to chant all mantras at least 108 times. It is considered as a very auspicious mantra.

Do remember to care for the mala, while using it on a daily basis. You can use the mala for protection against unknown forces and also for meditation. Some people love to wear the mala as they are deeply inclined towards spirituality. When you are not using the mala, you should keep it on the altar, where you keep all the gods and goddesses’ idols.

You can even keep the same in a pouch. You should not keep the mala in contact with the earth, as its magnetic power may be drawn inside the earth. If this happens, there will be no energy left in the mala. You should also avoid wearing the mala inside the bathroom.

You must wash the mala once or two times a year, and then apply some oil over it, to prevent the beads from cracking. It is also advisable, not to allow anyone else to touch the beads.

Benefits Of The Rudraaksh Mala

As mentioned in most religious texts, you cannot deny the power of the beads. The spiritual energy that resides in the beads is very high. The beads are believed to bring positivity and fortune. It also brings about a certain calmness and serenity, in the life of the wearer.

Here are a few of the top benefits associated with wearing the beads.

·         It can enhance the confidence of the wearer. It also restores one’s faith in the divine. You will start believing that you can handle all of life’s obstacles. The beads can give your energy levels a massive boost as well.

·         You will get all the benefits, if you recite the mantras along with the visualization of your success. Understand the meaning of the mantras, which you generally recite with the Rudraaksh Mala.

·         The mala can also boost your mental health. The beads are known for huge therapeutic benefits. The beads help in balancing the energies associated with the body and mind. It also influences the heart and regulates the functions therein. You will not suffer a heart attack, if you wear the mala on a regular basis.

·         The mala also protects the wearer against huge and sudden expenses. The mala also removes all the impediments to your success. It will surely give you victory against all odds.

·         The beads can also provide you with protection from malevolent energies around you. You will be able to face unknown energies with elan, and they will rarely disturb you.

·         The beads also protect you while you are travelling.

·         You will also be able to balance and clear the chakras, that are located along the nadi.

·         The mala also protects the wearer against skin diseases and boils.

Thus, now you know how to use the Rudraaksh Mala, and its benefits. You should always ensure to buy the same from a trusted seller, like Holistic Kart. There are many fraudulent people selling false beads. Stay away from them and enjoy all the benefits with the most authentic mala in store.