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Acne Treatment Singapore: What is the Best Treatment for Acne?

Acne is a common skin disorder that causes pimples. Sebum—an oil that helps keep the skin soft and smooth, can build up in your hair follicles and make them swell.

Bacteria can grow in these blocked follicles too, causing redness and pus. You may need to schedule an appointment with skin doctors on this page: ( if feel that the breakouts are frustrating.

What are Some Common Causes of Acne Breakouts?

To begin with, acne is one of the most common skin conditions. Medical reports estimates that it affects 9.4 percent of the global population.

It occurs more frequently in adolescents with reports estimating that 88 percent of teenagers averaging 13 and 19 in Singapore struggle with this condition. Acne is not a disease but a skin condition that can affect your self-esteem, making you feel very uncomfortable about yourself at times. Although it is definitely not an infection, there are some factors that can cause acne breakouts. Usual culprits include;

  • Hormones: In many cases of acne treatment in Singapore, this condition is thought to be due to hormonal changes that take place before or during puberty 
  • Exercise: Studies suggest that heavy exercise increases the amount of sebum produced by glands at the base of hair follicles on the face and body which may increase your risks of developing acne
  • Food: Some studies suggest that high-glycemic-index foods trigger acne breakouts. These are foods that quickly convert to sugar in the body, such as pasta, white bread, bagels, and any food with refined white flour
  • Cosmetics: Some heavy creams or lotions on your skin can clog your pores
  • Environmental factors: Working or spending time in places where there is an abundance of pollution can trigger acne breakouts 

What are the best Treatments for Acne, both Over-the-counter and Prescription Medications?

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available at pharmacies without any prescription in Singapore. Your aesthetic doctor or dermatologist may prescribe a topical treatment for you which can be a gel, cream or lotion. 

It is important to remember that over-the-counter treatments may not work the same way as the ones prescribed by your skin doctor. It is therefore crucial that you consult him or her before starting any medication for acne in Singapore. OTC products used for mild to moderate acne treatment in Singapore include: 

  • Benzoyl peroxide: This helps kill excess bacteria on the skin and speed up the healing process 
  • Salicylic acid: This dries out blemishes and can reduce oil production
  • Resorcinol: This is a peeling agent used in combination with other agents like salicylic acid
  • Sulfur/Sulfamide: These absorb excess sebum and unblock pores
  • Azelaic acid: This tackles the bacteria which cause acne 

OTC medications may be available as gels, lotions, creams, or soaps. Ask your pharmacist about the proper usage of these products to avoid side effects like redness, itching, peeling, or excessive dryness of the skin.

Acne treatment in Singapore is most effective when conducted under the care of a dermatologist or a qualified aesthetic doctor. They can prescribe you medications that contain antibiotics, such as clindamycin and erythromycin. 

These are usually taken orally, but some topical forms are available too. The doctor may also recommend other oral medications like tetracycline (antibiotic), isotretinoin (anti-inflammatory), spironolactone (anti-androgen), and corticosteroids. 

In some cases, birth control pills may be prescribed for acne that causes skin breakouts around the mouth or jawline. Acne treatment in Singapore is usually a combination of these medications to get the best results.

For more severe acne, isotretinoin can be taken orally for about five months. This has been found to be effective in reducing the number of lesions in most people with moderate or severe forms of acne. 

There is a catch though; this drug should not be used if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding as it might cause serious side effects like depression, psychosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, if taken by pregnant women, isotretinoin can cause birth defects, so both men and women taking this medication must use highly effective forms of birth control. 

If the acne is severe, your doctor may prescribe oral tetracyclines in combination with topical benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics. There are many over-the-counter medications for acne treatment available in Singapore. 

However, it can be advisable to consult your aesthetic doctor before trying any OTC pill as they have side effects that should not be ignored. Furthermore, there are side effects common to all types of acne treatments, including dry skin, irritation, peeling, and redness. The good news is that there are also natural remedies available here that you can consider to treat acne without drugs.

It is always best to consult a doctor to help you treat acne effectively. There are also therapies that your skin doctor may recommend for acne treatment, such as photodynamic therapy, chemical peeling, and microneedling. If you suspect that your skincare regimen is causing acne breakouts, you should stop using all products immediately. This includes makeup, sunscreen, facial cleansers, or moisturizers that contain fragrances or spices.

How can you Take Care of your Skin to help keep it Clear and Healthy-looking Long-term?

While acne treatment in Singapore is available, there are ways that you can take care of your skin to help keep it clear and healthy-looking long-term. Here are some tips to help reduce acne breakouts;

  • Avoid touching the affected area when possible
  • Avoid picking on zits when they appear 
  • Take supplements loaded with vitamins A & C if they are present in your diet
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium, vitamin A and zinc 

In closing, dealing with acne is never easy, but the good news is that there are loads of effective options for acne treatment in Singapore. In addition, you can do your part to fight off acne by taking care of your skin properly. Consult an experienced aesthetic skin doctor before using OTC products or trying natural remedies so that you can get the best results.

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