Keep healthy with a clean pool

A pool vacuum is an invaluable tool to keep your pool sparkling clean. The best pool vacuum will vigorously scrub away dirt, debris, and other contaminants from pool surfaces. It performs three functions of cleaning: vacuuming, filtering, and filtering.

  • Vacuuming removes loose debris and sediment by sucking the water through the vacuum hose and back through the skimmer basket.
  • Filtering removes bacteria, dirt, and debris from the pool by filtering the water through a cartridge or bag.
  • Filtering removes microscopic contaminants as small as 1/10,000th of an inch.

Pool vacuums are an integral part of any swimming pool. Making sure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in is important for the health of everyone using your pool. They can improve your pool’s appearance and help reduce chlorine usage, saving you money. However, many pool owners don’t use their vacuums often enough, and it can cause your pool water to become contaminated.

Avoid your pool from becoming contaminated! With summer here, millions of people will flock to their backyard pools. But not many people realize that their pools can become contaminated. Using your pool can be fun, but it is essential to know how to clean it thoroughly.

You probably know that maintenance is key to ensuring your pool remains clean and healthy if you own a pool. The right vacuum can help in keeping your filter clean and free from dirt and debris that can help make the water turn green. However, not all pool vacuums are created equal. To pick the best cleaner, consider your needs, your pool’s features, and your budget.


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